Do I want big changes???

Just read a post at arctehnica (Ubuntu 14.04 review: Missing the boat on big changes) reviewing Ubuntu 14.04.

A good a review but it made me think about what I really want my OS to be when it get updated and what made me make the big step to Linux and KDE.

This first think that made me change OS was Adobe changing there license policy.
After years of saving and a lucky email from amazon I decided to bye Photoshop.
I was happy but didn’t really needed Photoshop but I had some pictures over time that need Photoshop and I was in the upgrade “path”. Getting a new version of Photoshop would be cheaper. Shortly after Adobe change is license policy so to get Photoshop I have to pay a monthly fee. That made me so mad that I decided never to use Adobe software again.

This also made me think about my OS. Was I happy with my OS?
Not really, It worked but missed all the good thing from my time working with Sun OS/Solaris.
Yes, I had Cygwin but so many things was not functioning well.

And then Microsoft came out with Windows 8 and I had to take a short look at it and I haded it. I would NEVER pay money to for that OS.

So I decided to go for Linux/GNU and tried Ubuntu first. But the Desktop was simply to much of a change and I didn’t like the look and feel of it.

In the end I found KDE was just what I wanted and I started out with Kubuntu 13.04.
Soon I could upgrade to 13.10 and I was so excited. What would be all the new stuff?

To my surprise not much was changed and everything was as before. I was a bit disappointed but I was a “new” user to Linux/GNU so that was all right.

Now at the latest upgrade (14.04) the chill was a little more exciting when installing the upgrade. I have made lots of small changes and enhancement to the standard installation.

Would everything work? or would I have hours to spend fiddling problems?

To my surprise, No, everything worked and even tings I couldn’t get to work in 13.10 now worked in 14.04.

So I’m happy with the small changes and improvement. I even got a better working system now.

I have always felt the OS/Desktop was a simple platform where I use my advanced applications. It must be rock solid and not tip over when a application screw up.

So to the Arc post I can only say: Thank you Ubuntu and KDE for not introducing many new features and by then many new bugs.

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