First time for everything

My Kubuntu crashed, not seriously, but enough so Mysql would not start and KDE could not start properly. I had no desktop and all the widgets couldn’t be found.

I tried everything but I couldn’t find anything wrong except syslog and other log files were empty (zero bytes).

How could this happen I didn’t change anything, OK, I did a apt-get update/upgrade, but that could not crash the system? I did the update/upgrade at work without problems.

I messed with the system for a couple of hours and even reset the Bios. This gave me big problems as well, after the Bios reset the system would not start. Tried to reset a 1000 times. When I pressed the power button only a little buzz and then quiet again. Almost the hole computer was ripped apart, no help.
But there was a little shiny object on the motherboard, the battery!
I removed the battery and reset the plus/minus poles inserted the battery again and the system would start again.

I messed with log files again until the hammer hit me: Why would files be zero byte? Because there is no more space left on the partition…

I remembered the old command from SUN days: df.

someone@elena:/var/log$ df .
Filesystem     1K-blocks    Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/sdc5       30628800 30628800  0  100% /var

The next was the devil using all my disk space and the devil was Mythtv.
All the recordings is put in /var/lib/mythtv/<sub folders> in my case /var/lib/mythtv/livetv.

After moving the files to another partition and a reboot almost everything worked as normal. Had to reconfigure my Display setup and add a new default panel to the desktop.

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