Installing Kubuntu 15.04 with a Nvidia GTX 970/980 on board.

I really had some problems installing Kubuntu on my new computer.

When I tried to boot up the LiveCD I was presented a black screen with a lot of output from the Nouveau display driver (you might a complete black screen with a blinking cursor).

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After some investigation I found out Grub had a option called nomodeset to prevent the Nouveau driver to start.

But HOW do I set this option when there is no menu or anyway to stop the boot up?

The only way I could figure out was to booth my LiveCD USB stick in UEFI mode and pressing F8 just after the computer bios was loaded.

There I was presented with option to

*Start Kubuntu
OEM install (for manufactorers)
Check disc for defects.

By pressing the ‘e’ key on the keyboard each menu item is editable.

Edit the line starting with "linux /casper..." and add the nomodeset somewhere, press F10 will start the LiveCD (see above gallery picture number 3).

After this change would the LiveCD boot up and I could install Kubuntu.

I had was the same problem with the Nouveau driver during boot up after the installation.
To solve this I had to install the Nvidia driver (I use the one from Xorg Edgers).

Press F8 just after the computer bios has loaded during bootup.

In the boot menu select the Start Kubuntu recover.
The will startup the recover menu.

In the recovery menu select: network.

This make sure you can download the new driver for the Nvidia GPU but it also make the hard disc writable. When starting up in recovery mode is the hard disc mounted as read only and nothing can be installed or modified.

Next start a shell as root select: root.

This startup a shell is where drivers and other configuration can be executed.
In the shell type:

$ apt-add-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa

You will have to agree all kind of dangerous stuff that you are playing with (Its really not, its only a driver).

Next you can install the driver. At the moment is the nvidia-349 the latest so type:

$ apt-get install nvidia-349

The driver installs and when finished type

$ exit

This will return you to the recovery menu where you can continue the starting Kubuntu.

Select Continue booting Kubuntu.

When Kubuntu have started successful, reboot Kubuntu to make sure the system starts up normally. It would be a waste of time configuring everything and finding out the system will not start.

Have fun!


2 thoughts on “Installing Kubuntu 15.04 with a Nvidia GTX 970/980 on board.

  1. Mads Barnkob

    For Ubuntu 15.04 and a GTX 970 card I got it to work with your instructions, but you have a few misspellings.

    It should be: apt-add-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa

    And for me, package 346 is the one to use: apt-get install nvidia-346

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