Have a look at your router before you make changes

I have always been able to watch a movie using kodi, downloading big files and ripping BD on the same time.

No problems, copy 6-8 movies at the same time over to my Synology box while watching tv with Kodi.

After I upgrade to Kubuntu 15.04 this was not possible anymore.
I was crushed by the fact I could only do 1 thing at the time.

First it was Kubuntu fault, tried all kinds of settings but no luck. No lost network packages.

It was until my daugther came to me and said: “Dad, Harry Potter, is chops and will not run smooth”. This was while I was downloading some big files.

Well, then it can’t be Kubuntu!!!

After moving wires around a bit I found out it was a switch make troubles.
A restart of the switch solved the problem.

So the next time I have network problems, the first thing I will be doing is:

RESTART the network hardware!!!

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