Aftershot Pro plugins

Here is the plugins I compiled out of Spoilerheads source code:

Wavelet Sharpen 64-bit
Wavelet Sharpen 32-bit

Wavelet Denoise 64-bit
Wavelet Denoise 32-bit

Silicon Bonk 64-bit
Silicon Bonk 32-bit

Grain 64-bit
Grain 32-bit

Gelatin 64-bit
Gelatin 32-bit

FatToni 64-bit
FatToni 32-bit

Angy 64-bit
Angy 32-bit

Please, visit Spoilerhead, Thanks him for his great work and donate to keep him working…

3 thoughts on “Aftershot Pro plugins

  1. Joseph

    Hi, Han
    Thank you for taking time to recompile these plugins for working with ASP2.2. I’m waiting while. But when I install it into my Mac version (10.10.4) and cannot see any change. Can you confirm if this plugin had included the Mac OS X support? Or it’s just ready for Windows and Linux version. Please advise it. Thx.


    1. Hans Henrik Jakobsen Post author

      Hi Joseph,

      The plugins is compiled for Mac OSX 10.7 and later.
      BUT I do not have a Mac my self and test is done with a Virtual machine having OSX 10.7 installed.
      So stability is for you to test ūüėČ

      I hope you will enjoy the plugins and if so then 3 more plugins is on the way from Spoilerheads repository.

  2. Peter

    Hi Hans,
    Thank you for the plugins.
    When SiliconBonk has been installed into Aftershot Pro does it show up with a different name?
    I can’t see it.
    Also do you know of any Email plugin that can be part of Aftershot Pro.

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