Goodbye Netflix

I keep getting the error code: M7111-1331-5059 when trying to watch Netflix content.
It caused by the fact I use a VPN service provider to access the Internet.
I use a VPN service provider because I don’t want my ip-address being available to everybody to see.
You might think: Who cares? Well, I do.
Its like wearing a t-shirt with my address on every time I walk out the door and I would never do that.
Most of the time I just want to go out and nobody should know who I am except my friends I meet a long my way or when I order a new car or buy a house etc.
Its like the Internet have become this huge collective where I have no privacy at all.
In the real world would I never accept a shop ask and collect all my information and then let them send it to every shop on the planet.
Or if I buy a newspaper I have to report every article/item I am look at and then this information is sent all over the world completely out of my control.
I know, they need to make money and thats BS.
Its because they are simple to lacy to do there advertisement the right way, safe for there users. And as long as they wont treat me with respect and privacy I expect I wont give them any opportunity to make money of me or collect my data.
Of cause a VPN won’t do it alone, privacy browser plug ins is a necessity as well.

So Netflix as long as you have this policy I will not be your customer.

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