Got a Chromebook

My Laptop crashed during Christmas due to a beer in the keyboard 🙁 So I had to get a new.

I only use the Laptop for Browsing/Social Media so I didn’t want to buy a new Windows PC.

I was thinking about an Android tablet but I hate not having a keyboard.

But you can get a keyboard for a tablet as well so that was fine forme. I have tried these before and was not impressed.

Of Course all the tablets I liked was sold out 🙁

A Chromebook representative got hold of me and recommended a Chromebook and it was cheaper than a tablet.

You can run Android Apps so all your apps on your phone will work and there is Office apps to write letters, make budget etc.

I got a Lenovo Chromebook IdeaPad Flex 5 and am I happy? Ohh yes, it’s great. Nice screen and great speed.

No, it can’t run Windows apps but it run most Linux apps just fine, so it fulfill all my needs.

One think I found after a week of use is there is no Delete key on the keyboard. I was like WHAT??? and found out it’s by design 🙁 There is an alternative to the Delete key and that is to use the <ALT><BACKSPACE> key. I can live with that but it does bug me a bit 😉

If I find anything that bugs me or find solutions to problems I will let you know.

Happy New year.