Unable to change R_VERSION_LABEL using DFC

Until Documentum Foundation Classes version 22.4 using Java 17.5 it’s not possible using DFC to change/append to the R_VERSION_LABEL (and several other attributes) even as an superuser/administrator.

The only way to solve this is to go back to Java version 11.16.x.x or do an SQL injection into the DB.

I assume this is a bug in DFC but it seems like Opentext is closing the options for changing attributes in Documentum using DFC so it’s only internally in the Content Server you can do it like in lifecycle action, workflow etc.

Is it good or bad, I don’t know.

As a implementer in our company it’s a problem, as we don’t want complete control over all attributes and objects but want to define own way of security.

Security management is a heavy burden on someone who don’t need it.

I have been around IT for some time and one thing I have learned is: Have security on whats important!

Else you will manage yourself to death.