My monitoring of YOU, please read!

I just want to inform you about the monitoring on the site.

1. I do not like monitoring the nice people coming to my web site.

2. There is some monitoring that I can’t turn off not even on the frontpage.

The monitoring on this site is:

My host ( monitor the traffic on this site and I am able to see this monitoring.
I can see which pages have been opened, from where the you came and from which country. I can’ see your IP address or any other specific information about.

Due to the amount of Spam comments I had to add captcha (the funny numbers) to stop this. It free and by this they can monitor when you leave a comment. I don’t know how much they monitor but some of the code is running on there server. The software is called BotDetect CAPTCHA (

The last monitoring is a bugger called Gravatar. It seems to be a part of wordpress which really can make me mad. When I found out I as the point of closing my blog but I will try deleting if I can.

I do not believe I write any cookies on you computer.

I previously had other monitoring software installed but as I didn’t get anything out of it.
I found my self spying on you just for my curiosity so I stopped it.

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