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Upgradeing XBMCbuntu

I use XBMC as my entertainment center and had XBMCbuntu install on a ZBOX ID41.

The XBMCbuntu was based on an 12.10 version of ubuntu (maybe lubuntu).

As 12.10 was going out of support I couldn’t install XBMC 13.1 from the XBMC’s PPA. I had to compile it my self. I tried to compile but forgot some setting related to the ION chip set. Not at big success and I decided it was not worth the hassle to compile every time I need to update XBMC.

I decided to try lubuntu as it is a small distrio of Ubuntu.

I made an USB key and booted lubuntu from the USB key to see if everything looked fine and it didn’t seem to be problem to install lubuntu on the ID41.

From the desktop I installed lubuntu and to my big surprise it asked me if I wanted to upgrade from XBMCbuntu 12.10 to lubuntu 14.04.
What! That can’t be possible??? But let’s give it a try…

During the install everything was left at default except I enabled auto login to prevent having to login when I started the computer.

The only problem was when I typed in the computer name. Lubuntu notified that there was another computer with the same name. But as my DHCP server register all my devices so they get the same IP address when they start I knew it was just finding it self. After a reboot there wouldn’t be any problems.

I rebooted and lubuntu started up and to my big surprise everything worked fine.

I just had to add the XBMC repository (http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Installing_XBMC_for_Linux) and then install XBMC.

The remote didn’t work and after installing LIRC everything was back to normal.

A logout and login to the XBMC desktop and my entertainment center was back to normal. You can select the XBMC desktop in top right corner at the login screen.

Well there was problems that need to be solved but it was the same problems I had with XBMCbuntu. One was the computer would not suspend but I will write about that in another post.

Thunderbird and LDAP problems

If you have Thunderbird installed and is using LDAP to authorize user on Linux/Ubuntu you might get the same problem as I used to have.

The symptom could be Thunderbird crash after a minute or two.
You might see this is your /var/log/auth.log:

Jun  1 10:26:50 <host> thunderbird: nss_ldap: failed to bind to LDAP
server ldap:// Can't connect to the LDAP server
Jun  1 10:26:50 <host> thunderbird: nss_ldap: could not search LDAP 
server - DSA is unavailable

I solved the problem by installeing LDAP connection daemon – nslcd

sudo apt-get install nslcd

Configure nlscd to connect to your LDAP server.

You still have to configure Thunderbird if you want to use LDAP to lookup users.

A little surprise from a Windows machine

I upgraded Kubuntu to 14.04 LTE and everything went smooth.
But after a day or so the Internet access was getting slower and slower.

I blamed everything and regretting upgrading Kubuntu.

DNS/DHCP server had no problems and the Internet provider had no problems either.
A Internet speed test had problems pinging and connecting but the speed was normal.
Checked my router everything looked normal until I got to the UPnp section.

I found 2 unauthorized port (50.000 something) opened by an IP I didn’t knew of.

The DNS server told me it was my virtual windows machine I use to update my Harmony remote.

I disable UPnp and rebooted the router and after a while everything started to be normal.

I had enabled Upnp so it was easy for me to update the port forwarding to my Synology box.

So the lesson learned is never be lacy when it comes to network safety.
From now on everything will be configured manually.

And NO, I don’t regretting upgrade Kubuntu even I can’t see the big difference 🙂
The little Windows machine will have to undergo some torture so I can find the little bugger 😈

Kubuntu 14.04 LTE

I just upgraded to Kubuntu 14.04 LTE.

The previous version was 13.10 upgraded from 13.04.
The upgade was a walk in the park without any problems.
I had I minor issue with the displays had to be reordered (I have 3 monitors connected).
My left most monitor was moved to the middel but running the nvidia-settings solved the problem.
Else everything works as expected. I havn’t found any other issues yet.