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Installing Aftershot Pro on Kubuntu 64-bit

Yet another problem when I installed Aftershot Pro on Kubuntu 13.10 64-bit.

I happily downloaded Aftershot Pro 64-bit installation package from Corel’s site and tried to install it by:

$> sudo dpkg -i AfterShotPro_amd64.deb

The package manager complained about ia32-libs was not installed.
I looked all over to find out how to install the ia32-libs lib on 64-bit but all solutions failed.

Then I stumbled over a forum thread asking the stupid question:

"Why not install the 32-bit version?" 

and the answer from the user was:

"It worked, thanks a lot!"

To install the 32-bit version of Aftershot Pro on 64-bit Kubuntu you have to run the command:

$> sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture ./AfterShotPro_i386.deb

You also have to do the same for all updates.

Aftershot Pro

For editing my photos I have found Corel Aftershot Pro.

Yes, it cost money but I think is cheap compared to other solutions.

The work flow is simple and very easy to use.

But there is some flaws and here have Dieter Steiner created some great plug-ins.

I’m especially happy with the Wavelet Denoise and AutoLevels created by roland65.free.fr/asp

I made a small donation to Dieter and he asked me how felt about his plug-in and here it is:

Hi Dieter,

Your are welcome. I already feel the donation is way to small.

I just moved from Windows/Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop to Linux/Darktable/GIMP/Aftershot Pro.

In the start I was a bit disappointed with Darktable, it was too geeky, but I found Aftershot Pro and felt right away more comfortable.

But something was missing and I started looking at the plug-ins and found your great plug-ins.

I can only say 1 thing: Wahooo, I have been so comfortable with my edits that Adobe is gone from my mind.

My favorite plug-in is the Wavelet Denoise, now I can remove noise without loosing image quality, or maybe its the AutoLevels plug-in, with 1 click I have a clear image with good balance. I can’t decide.

If I have to give a bit of critique then a tutorial for Wavelet Sharpen plug-in would really help as I have a hard time getting good results but I’m sure its just as great as the the other plug-ins.

What you have created is simply marvelous!!! Keep up the great work!!!

Best Regards,