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A little surprise from a Windows machine

I upgraded Kubuntu to 14.04 LTE and everything went smooth.
But after a day or so the Internet access was getting slower and slower.

I blamed everything and regretting upgrading Kubuntu.

DNS/DHCP server had no problems and the Internet provider had no problems either.
A Internet speed test had problems pinging and connecting but the speed was normal.
Checked my router everything looked normal until I got to the UPnp section.

I found 2 unauthorized port (50.000 something) opened by an IP I didn’t knew of.

The DNS server told me it was my virtual windows machine I use to update my Harmony remote.

I disable UPnp and rebooted the router and after a while everything started to be normal.

I had enabled Upnp so it was easy for me to update the port forwarding to my Synology box.

So the lesson learned is never be lacy when it comes to network safety.
From now on everything will be configured manually.

And NO, I don’t regretting upgrade Kubuntu even I can’t see the big difference 🙂
The little Windows machine will have to undergo some torture so I can find the little bugger 😈